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It all started when I first witness a small group of women dressed in rumpled blue blouse with their stained black apron. Though it was a vague memory, it became a lasting impression.

Later, I found out they are called Samsui Women, who were immigrants from China seeking employment locally, mainly working as general labourers in the construction industry.

They persevere through hardships to send their income back to their homeland, hoping to provide a better livelihood for their family.

The ones that I had witnessed were the last few before this occupation become obsolete. These memories have been deeply engraved in my heart, teaching me life principles applicable even in the current modernised era.

I want to dedicate this project to commemorating our pioneers who had painstakingly contribute to the growth of our country. I feel privileged to witness this faded occurrence, hence I would like to share my experience and reflection through pottery, which embodies my thoughts and feelings of this local historical significance.


Height: 12cm
Width: 8cm

Samsui Women Tea Caddy

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