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Interested in a particular course? Have a question for us? Get in touch!

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Our Services

The Clay People Ceramic Art Studio is a pottery studio offering diverse inclusive services tailored to meet the varied needs of different customers, clients, and events.

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Offering classes for aspiring pottery enthusiasts and facilitating team bonding experiences for companies and families to foster connections and create lasting memories.


Showcasing ready-made signature products that exemplify the studio's craftsmanship and creativity

Offering tailored pottery events for unique, memorable experiences

Creating custom pottery pieces tailored to your vision and showcasing handcrafted works on behalf of artists, perfect for personal collections, special gifts, or unique decor

Main Studio

Pop-up Studio

Contact Us

Interested in a particular course? Have a question for us? Get in touch!

(+65) 9692 8030

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Courses & Workshops

We run a variety of courses and workshops for beginners to advanced potters who are interested to begin or share their journey in clay with us.


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Introductory Workshops

Advance Workshops


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